Commodity CFDs

Trade a variety of popular commodities with CFDs on Futures.

What are commodities?

Commodities are basic goods used in commerce that are interchangeable with other commodities of the same type. Investors and traders can buy and sell commodities directly on the spot (cash) market or via derivatives such as Futures and Options. Examples of commodity sectors include agricultural, energy, industrial and precious metals.

Trade commodities with CFDs on Futures contracts at no commission and tight spreads (overnight positions charges apply based on value and duration).

Why use CFDs to trade commodities?

CFDs are a flexible instrument that makes it affordable to invest in futures on commodities, with the possibility of short selling to take advantage of price drops. You can also automate orders with Stop Loss and Take Profit orders, use leverage to increase the exposure of your positions and use technical analysis to create precise strategies.

No commission applied by Fineco

No commission applied by Fineco and free market quotes. Tight spreads only1.

Trade the markets

Trade the market in any direction and in any condition.

Advanced tools

Advanced tools, interactive charts, automatic orders.

A platform for your needs

A platform for your needs: a full suite for your trading activity.

No commission and free market quotes. Tight spreads only1

With Fineco you can trade two types of Commodity CFDs: The "super" version that has the same size and value as the ticks of Futures contracts listed on regulated markets, and a "standard" version with much lower margins.

Super CFD Futures on commodities

Mini CFDsSpread
Gold1.95 points
Light Crude oil0.20 points
Natural Gas0.01 points
Platinum2.9 points
Palladium1.5 points
Silver4.0 points

Professional tools

Find out what makes your trading successful and what is holding you back with our professional tools:

charts and technical analysis

charts and technical analysis

Study the movement of assets on interactive charts in real time and the most effective indicators for technical analysis.

Real-time quotes and push book

Real-time quotes and push book

Check quotes in real time to manage your orders with a 5-level book on UK, EU and US markets.

News and insights

News and insights

Thousands of news items every day to monitor markets, with insights and a full economic calendar.

Automatic and conditional orders

Automatic and conditional orders

Optimise risk management with automatic orders, to protect the position, contain losses and capitalise on earnings.

Free real-time market data

Free real-time market data

All market data available in real-time all the time, with detailed reports and essential insights to trade in an informed way.

Leverage and margins

Leverage and margins

Take advantage of margins to enhance your performance, using leverage and protecting the positions with Stop Loss orders.

A platform for all your needs

Three platforms, one objective. Speed, power and reliability, wherever you are.



Trade online from your PC with desktop access to monitor markets, study assets with technical analysis charts and position orders with ease.



Use our advanced trading platform, compatible with any browser and always accessible, to manage every transaction like an expert trader.



Download the Fineco app for mobile devices to get 24/7 access to financial markets and never lose track of your investments.

Trading commodities with Fineco: what are the advantages?

With CFD trading, you can invest in commodities futures with lower costs and small capital, giving you more flexibility.

All the major commodities
With Fineco, you can trade all the biggest commodities online, including gold, WTI crude oil and platinum.
Diversify your investments
Commodities are ideal for diversifying your investments, improving risk management and balancing the trading of other assets.
Exclusive support
Fineco is always on hand to help with any problems, offering 24-hour support service five days a week, available online on all digital channels.
Tight spreads on executed orders
To maximise your results, you can benefit from Fineco’s tight spreads, to invest in futures on commodities paying a minimum differential on each transaction.


Commodities are traded on certain specialist markets, such as the London Metal Exchange (LME). However, you can trade commodities with CFDs (Contracts for Difference), where the value is based on the underlying corresponding Commodity Future.

With Fineco, you can trade CFDs on various commodities futures, including gold, WTI crude oil, natural gas and palladium.

There is no fixed monthly fee for Fineco’s CFD trading service, just a small variable spread applied to executed orders. Overnight positions charges apply based on value and duration.

It is possible to open a position and close it within the same trade day or keep it open and pay overnight fees.

Futures on commodities are derivative contracts traded in regulated markets, with a specific predefined price and expiry date agreed upon by the two parties.

This advertising message is for promotional purposes only. To view all the terms and conditions for the advertised services, please refer to the fact sheets and documentation required under current regulations. All services require the client to open a Fineco current account. All products and services offered are dedicated to Fineco account.

Derivatives trading is available to clients following the assessment of their knowledge of derivative instruments and the subscription of the Derivative Trading Contract.
Before trading CFDs, or other derivatives instruments please read carefully the Key Information Documents (KIDs) available on the website

A CFD is a financial derivative, that you can buy or sell with FinecoBank as your direct counterparty. Its value is directly related to that of an underlying asset (securities, indices, currencies, futures on bonds, futures on volatility indicators and futures on commodities) and consequently follows the price movement of the underlying asset. In particular, when CFDs trading your profit/loss is given by the difference in value between the opening price and the subsequent closing price of the contract. The opening price and the closing price are determined by the Bank applying, if appropriate, a mark-up or a spread on the underlying price to the extent indicated by the economic conditions at the time. CFDs are characterised by a strong leverage effect. This means that a relatively small price movement in the underlying market will have a proportionally higher impact on the value of your margined position and an unfavourable price movement may result in losses exceeding your initial margin deposit (increasing underlying price for short positions, decreasing for long positions). CFD Positions open for more than one business day (overnight) are subject to a multi-day position fee.
The spreads applied to CFDs may be changed at any time within the contractually agreed limits.

CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 70.82% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Before trading CFDs, please read carefully the Key Information Documents (KIDs) available on the website
Sources: Where not expressly indicated, sources are taken from internal FinecoBank processing.

Multi-currency is a multi-currency service ancillary to the euro bank account. It allows debiting and/or crediting transactions in the service currencies and is necessary for some online trading services involving financial products in currencies other than the euro.
A currency exchange transaction is subject to foreign exchange risk, i.e., the possibility that the purchased currency may depreciate against the reference currency.
1 Activation of the service is free, however a spread is applied to the exchange rate (Currency Exchange) to the extent indicated in the fact sheets.
2 It is possible to arrange transfers only in the currency of the account the transaction is sent from. For example, from the GBP account you can only make transfers in GBP.

Please note that to trade on foreign markets it is necessary to apply online to enable individual markets in your personal area of the Fineco website: Home page > Account Management > Managing Services > Trading and investments > Multicurrency.

Futures are derivative financial instruments whose value is directly linked to that of the underlying asset and therefore follows its trend. Derivative financial instruments are characterised by a leverage effect: this means that a relatively small movement in the market prices of the underlying asset will have a proportionately higher impact on the margin which, in the event of an unfavourable movement with respect to the customer's position (underlying price increase for short positions, decrease for long positions) may be entirely lost.
Derivative transactions therefore involve a high degree of risk, and if the market shifts strongly negative the loss can also exceed the capital initially invested (margin). Before trading derivative financial instruments please carefully read the key information documents (KIDs) available on the website

Transactions in derivative financial instruments and margin lending are reserved for Fineco customers who are authorised to operate through the completion of special questionnaires and the signing of the required contractual documentation. All products and services offered are dedicated to Fineco account holders.

* With Fineco, you can trade FX CFDs from 22:15 on Sundays to 22:00 on Fridays (with the exception of the interval from 22:00 to 22:15).: you can buy and sell currencies with a quick order when the quotes are most favorable, day or night.

Free live quotes and real-time news: specifically US, UK and Italian live quotes and real-time news.

Sources: Where not expressly indicated, sources are taken from internal FinecoBank processing.

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