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This initiative ( (hereinafter also referred to as "Initiative")  is promoted by FinecoBank S.p.A. (hereinafter also referred to as "Fineco") and offers those who open a new UK bank account in the period between 22/09/2021 and 31/12/2022 and who enter the promotional code the possibility of trading with zero trading commissions up to a commission amount of £500, to be used on the following markets within 3 months from the date the account is opened:


  • Stock Markets:

    - UK FTSE, US markets (NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX), Equiduct, Xetra, Euronext, Borsa Italiana


  • Bond Markets:

    -Mot, Euromot, Etlx


Transactions executed on markets other than those listed above are excluded (CFDs are also excluded).


This promotion cannot be combined with other initiatives aimed at opening a current account or trading promoted by Fineco during the same promotional period of the initiative.

This promotion is not valid on orders entered from the ISA account.




The period of 3 months within which to use the commission discount starts from the date the bank account is opened.

Once this period has expired and the threshold of £500 has been reached, Fineco's standard terms, plans and rules shall apply, as set out in the Bank's information sheets.

The free aspect of the trade refers to trading commissions, and therefore any fixed fees and/or charges applied for the purchase and/or sale of the instruments covered by this promotion will be charged to the customer.

Note also that the customer will be able to view the omission of the trading commission and any fixed fees and/or charges applied directly in the transaction log available in the personal area of the website.




Persons excluded from the initiative:


  • - Financial advisors who work in Italy and their joint account holders. Joint account holders with financial advisors are excluded from the initiative even if they have other individual or joint accounts with other persons.
  • - Non-UK residents.
  • - Those who open a new single or joint account and who are already holders or joint holders of a Fineco Italy or UK account that is still active or closed during the period of this initiative.

Any other commission discounts deriving from other initiatives may be used by the user only after the expiry of the terms of this initiative.