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Open a Fineco Stocks and Shares ISA or transfer the ISA you have with another provider to Fineco between 1/01/2022 and 30/04/2022 - extended to 29/09/2022 to access to Fineco’s ISA investment platform at zero fee until the end of the 2022/2023 tax year (5 April 2023).  






To enjoy the benefits of the promotional campaign, you must complete by 29/09/2022:

- the Fineco Stocks and Shares ISA opening procedure


- the transfer procedure from another provider ISA to the Fineco Stocks and Shares ISA

according to what extent below.

Please note that to apply for a Fineco ISA account you must be a Fineco standard account holder.



Open a Fineco ISA
If you do not already have an ISA account, you can take part in the initiative by opening a Fineco Stocks and Shares ISA directly via your Account Management page: Managing services > Trading and Investments > Stocks and Shares ISA.

Transfer existing iSAs to Fineco

If you have ISAs with other providers, you can take part in the initiative by moving any of the following to our Stocks and Shares ISA:

- Shares, ETFs, Bonds and Funds

-  Cash, that must be invested within 3 months in the products listed above

To transfer your ISA first follow the ISA opening account procedure, then complete the transfer process by filling out the appropriate form and choosing which products to invest in.

Once the ISA account has been opened, the transfer form will always be available directly in your ISA account home page.


We only accept GBP financial instruments, available on our platform, for direct ISA transfer. In case of instruments denominated in different currencies, please consider transferring them in cash.




As long as the above initiative requirements are met, you will enjoy: 


Zero ISA platform fees until the end of the 2022/23 tax year

Under this initiative we will not charge you any platform fees until the end of the 2022/23 tax year, on 05/04/2023.


Trading fees for the purchase and sale of Stocks, ETFs and Bonds will also be applied during the promotional campaign, in the amounts specified in the information sheets. There's no dealing charge for buying or selling funds. Please note that apart from Fineco platform fees, investing may incur other charges (e.g. by the fund manager). To read more about our account charges download our fact sheets and documentation.


Once the initiative is over, Fineco ISA platform fee will apply montly. You will pay annually maximum of 0.25% of the value of your ISA portfolio, with a £ 2.95/month cap for Shares, ETFs and Bonds. The first charge will be applied in May 2023 based on the value of the investments in your ISA on the last day of April 2023.




Non UK residents are not eligible for this initiative.