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The initiative is valid from 19/12/2018 to 23/05/2019.

This promotional campaign is for new customers and current holders of a Fineco UK current account who receive a specific communication and allows them to request a second Fineco Visa debit card free of charge for three years, in addition to the first debit card, also free of charge.


To take advantage of the three-year free subscription, the second debit card must be in a different currency than the first one.
For example, if you request a Fineco Visa debit card in GBP, you can request the Fineco Visa debit card in EUR without annual subscription fees for the first three years or vice versa.

Following are the requirements that must be met.

New Customers

To enjoy the benefits of the promotion, the new customer must open a Fineco UK current account and request the card by 23/05/2019.

Please note that the second Fineco Visa debit card may be requested at the same time or after opening the current account, but always by the date specified above.

Current Customers

For those who already hold a Fineco UK account and receive a specific communication, during the period of the initiative it will be sufficient to request the second Fineco Visa debit card directly from the website's reserved area in the Banking > Debit Cards > Request New Card section.
Here also, the request must be made by 23/05/2019.


- The shipping cost of the card and other costs not related to the annual subscription fee (specified in the Information Sheets) will nevertheless be applied.
- In the case of a joint account, all account holders can take advantage of this promotion.
- At the end of the three-year period, the standard conditions as specified in the Bank's information sheet will be applied to the account.
- The request for the second card is nevertheless subject to assessment by the Bank.

The following are excluded from the promotion:

- Customers not resident in the UK
- UK customers who already have two Visa debit cards
- Customers who have closed the account during the promotion period
- Holders of Fineco accounts who do not meet the requirements